The Temple of the Shifting Sands is a Level 85 Uber Instance, located in the Dunes of Granidor, in Outhrend. It is a sacred temple, filled with many mysteries. It was left uncovered, and only mysterious people honor and found it. Under it however, it seems the statues there are not so inanimate, as believed by the Rakhts themselves.

The course of the Sandwish energy runs through the temple.


The Rakhts guard the temple, only allowing those who can prove themselves entry into the temple. With the questline complete, they will need to get two items to enter:

  • 32px-Inv_hammer_25.png [Shifting Scepter]
  • 32px-Inv_misc_orb_05.png [Sandwish Orb]

The Scepter must be given to Rakht Beloisum. He will allow entry from there on out without having to get it again.

The Sandwish Orb powers the temple and allows the bosses to awaken, as well as the doors to open. Players will need this everytime they enter. They are common drops from Sand Tomers and Sand Creepers, who inhabit the first room of the instance, where the orb is to be placed.


Curse of the RakhtEdit

The Rakhts are a religious clan devoted to the cause of the temple. Their leader, Ulsbreutras, made them more "religious" by smiting them if they did not truly believe. For this, he was exiled from the clan. He left to awaken the monsters themselves, using the last of his holy power.

The energy from Ulsbreutras was dark. It made the beings all corrupted, and dangerous. In exchange for this, he was given vast power, but do so, if he ever failed Aztecio once, his self will be obliterated and crushed within the sands, the iron sands.

The InstanceEdit





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Bosses and DenizensEdit

Bosses Denizens

Sandstorm Cathedral

  • Rough Sand Tomer
  • Rough Sand Creeper

Lair of the Council

  • Sandstorm Serpent
  • Vile Sandstorm Serpent

Relical Temple

  • Sand Spider
  • Great Sand Spider
  • Dust Demon
  • Greater Dust Demon

Resources and LootEdit





  • 32px-Inv_misc_gear_01.png Pre-Patch: Added.