Tales of the Greg is an artifact item dropped from The Greg . It contains a story of his life as a kid and onward till his death, and rebirth.

The StoryEdit

-November 11, ????

Finally got my set of armor at age 11, and a sword. Didn't want a shield cuz they suck.

-February 24th, ???7

Haven't written on a papyrus in years. Let's just say my dagger sucks and that my sword got demolished. In this war, I made an axe, dubbed it "Knowing" for it's ability to sense attacks.

-May 16th, ???7

Got shot in the leg 3 times by a Lever Action rifle. Also got my armor dented, my axe's dull, and I think this will be my last day at war, it's too bad I saw my friend Achgon die today as well.

-January 13th, ???0

Where am I? Somewhere, in a hall? I'm enraged, full of despited spirit, I must have revenge.


This drops from The Greg .