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Combat_32.gif King Nikk Shadius






??? Boss (X)


500,000,000 (Prodigy)

1,000,000,000 (Master)


250,000,000 (Prodigy)

500,000,000 (Master)


Endgame, The End


Killable, Almost impossible on Master



King Nikk Shadius is the final boss of The End. He is also one of the seven X Bosses in game and is a major encounter.

Fighting him is an incredibly deadly battle of survival. Every single class is tested to their abilities, and unlike Uber Bosses, can wipe out an entire raid easily. A sudden mistake will be punished with instant death, again and again. It is one of the most unforgiving fights in the game, but it is what every legend dreams of, defeating him. Doing so will net you a huge achievement, and a huge sense of honor, as well of a chance of netting the extremely powerful and rare [King Nikk's Set].


Nikk can melee roughly 50,000 damage upwards, critically hitting more efficient at higher phases and suffering status effects.

Throughout the Battle Edit

  • 32px-Inv_sword_122.png God's Cleave - "Try this." This a is a critical blow. It can hit up to 13,414,387 damage at most.
  • 32px-Ability_gouge.png Four King's Strike - "Can't stop this." This attack hits four enemies in the arena, mostly melee attackers. Can hit from 60,000 - 125,000 at most.
  • 32px-Ability_mage_frostfirebolt.png Majestic Beam - "Hope is pulverized." Ranged attack. Does this four times in each cone, upwards to 500k damage.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_selfdestruct.png Majestic Force - "There is no escape." Magic attack. Hits everyone in a 5x5 area upwards to 250k damage.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_grimward.png Cripple - "The taste of death is bittersweet." Open cast, not stackable. There will be a on-screen warning. Anyone attacking Nikk in the 10 seconds after it is cast, dies instantly.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_lifedrain.png Death Theory - "Theories are foretold to the grim." Cast on all players. 30 second cast. Players cannot resurrect or do any ability of that sort for an extra minute after death. Stackable.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_healingaura.png Invincible Shield - "Ha!" Any damage taken on the 10 seconds when cast is neglected.
  • 32px-Inv_jewelcrafting_shadowspirit_02.png Summon Guardian Angels - "Come, my faithful ones." Summons 2 Guardian Angels, (5 on Master) that heal Nikk continuously until they die.

The Second PhaseEdit

  • 32px-Inv_weapon_shortblade_40.png Nick's Pain - "My blade hungers..." Nick does a ten second cast, absorbing aura. He must be hit for a total of 1,000,000 damage in that time, over everyone will die in a 10x10 radius.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_antimagiczone.png Temporal Distortion - "I'll hit faster than light itself!" Nick will dodge 80% of attacks and slow down time for 5 seconds.
  • 32px-Ability_rogue_shadowdance.png Spacial Distortion - "Watch where your eyes meet." Nick will teleport away from the tank, hitting the last foe who hit him during the cast.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_bluehellfire.png Alteration - "Strong you may be, but the finale's not in your end." Nick will lift a dropped object and swing it at a group of the raid. Deals 150k damage downwards.

The Third PhaseEdit

  • 32px-Spell_holy_searinglight.png Blessed Strike - "My inner spirit calls." Nick will rise in black and red light, and attacks everyone in the area for 25,000 to 100,000 damage. He also becomes immune for 5 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_deathstrike.png Nick's Wrath - "Death is coming!" Nick puts his sword in the air, hitting foes from random bursts on the battleground. 100k damage for a direct hit.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_bloodpresence.png Nick's Rage - "Vengeance is beautiful." Nick glows red, dealing 2x the damage for 10 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_aspiration.png Gift of a God - "May Shadius be with me." Nick glows gold, becoming invincible for 10 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_circleofrenewal.png Force of Shadius - "This is the end." Nick kills everyone with this attack. Uses at the end of Phase 3.

The Final PhaseEdit

  • 32px-Inv_sword_07.png Slash of Shadius - "Destiny's with me." Nick kills anyone taking this hit. Can be interrupted by dealing 1,000,000 damage in 10 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_prayerofspirit.png Prayer of Fortune - "Nothing" Every attack that happened a second before the spell was cast is neglected.
  • 32px-Ability_warlock_shadowflame.png Infinitry - "Time to finish what I started." Nick casts this all the time in Phase 4. It does from 25k to 50k damage, channeled, attacks random foes.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.png Summon Draconix - "Time to settle this, friends." Nick summons Draconix Warriors, up to a maximum of 5. Disappear when dead.


In Prodigy Mode, 10 Man, 2 Tanks and 3 Healers. In addition, the composing 5 should be mages and rangers.

In Master Mode, 25 Man, there should be 5 Tanks and 5 Healers. The other 15 members should be mages, rangers, and melee combatants.


Phase 1Edit

During Phase 1, the Tanks should split into opposite directions, with the healers surrounding 3 points around them, (5 on Master). As there are 3 healers, the third should be healing both the healers and the tanks. The support fighters should place themselves around the area, dealing damage as normal. Every 2% percent of health he loses, he will do a Four King's Strike on the tanks and two of the healers. In addition, he'll do a God's Cleave at 95%, and every 5% onwards. He will do Majestic Force and Majestic Beam randomly, so it's best to be prepared. If Nikk takes 2m damage in 15 seconds or less, he'll cast Invincible Shield. At 90%, he will cast Deathic Theory. It will stack as he casts it every 5% onwards. At 80%, he'll cast Cripple, and at 75%, Phase 2 will begin, and he'll summon some Guardian Angels to attack you and heal him. The Guardian Angels are the top priority for the support fighters. The Angels heal up to max of 250k on Prodigy, and 1m on Master, as they heal 100k instead of 50k. Remember to be careful as Cripple can kill EVERY PLAYER that attacks Nikk in the 10 seconds of elapsed time.

Phase 2Edit

Four new attacks make its way into the mix. At 72% health, Nikk will cast Nikk's Pain, where he must be hit a 1,000,000 damage over 10 seconds. If you don't think it won't happen, stay out the 10x10 radius. At 68%, 63%, and 56%, Nick will do a random mix of Temporal Distortion, Spacial Distortion, and Alteration. Temporal Distortion is deadly, as all the attacks will be dodged in that second. Spacial Distortion can teleport Nikk away from tanks, attacking a random player. Alteration can lift any source of aura and hit a player for a 50% critical hit ratio.Nick will cast Nikk's Pain randomly throughout the battle, and will always at 58%. The Phase ends at 50%. Then, Nikk will summon more Guardian Angels.

Phase 3Edit

Here, five new deadly attacks make its way into the mix, all randomly appearing at different health levels till 25%, where the phase ends. Blessed Strike will make Nick immune to any status effect or attack for 5 seconds, but he rarely uses this in the higher 40's. Nikk's Wrath will target a random set of 5 players, making waves under them to deal incredible AoE Damage. Be sure to jump to minimize the impact. Nikk will use the Rage and God's Gift every 10% percent from 50% to 30%. Nikk's Wrath occurs randomly.He will summon more Guardian Angels at 30%. At 25%, Nikk will use the Force of Shadius, killing every player in the area before the cutscene begins.

The Final PhaseEdit

Nikk will resurrect every player to "finish what you may have started", with a set of new attacks. Nikk will redeem his Fallen Angel form, and cast Infinitry on each player in the area, besides the tank. Ways to reserve the damage, are to increase your maximum Special Defense with potions you (hopefully) have left of the raid. Nikk casts Prayer of Fortune when he deals a total of 5,000,000 damage. He will summon more Guardian Angels at 20% health. They should be taken care of as soon as possible. At 15%, Nikk will cast the Slash of Shadius, KOing a player taking the hit. It also smashes through KO resistant spells. This can be stopped by dealing 1,000,000 damage in 10 seconds before it's used. At 5%, Nick will summon Draconix, fierce and deadly members of the Brotherhood that can attack every single player. They should be killed and rid off fast. At 1%, Nikk will do smaller scale version of The Force of Shadius, and summon Guardian Angels. It can do up to 500k, max defense buffs should be applied. If you manage to successfully defeat him, search for the majestic rewards, you earned it.

In a NutshellEdit

  • Every 2% of health he loses, he will do a Four's King Strike.
  • Every 5% of health he loses, he will do a God's Cleave.
  • Every 7.5% of health he loses, he casts an Invincible Shield.
  • At 80% health, he casts Deathic Theory, and Cripple. It happens 7.5% health onwards.
  • He summons the Guardian Angels at the end of each phase.
  • Every 7% health after 72% health, Nikk will cast Nikk's Pain.
  • At 68%, 63%, and 56%, he will do one of Temporal, Spacial or Alteration. He will do it again every 4% afterwards.
  • Nikk only uses Blessed Strike between 49% to 35% health.
  • Nikk's Wrath is cast only between 45% and 27.5% health.
  • Nikk only casts Nikk's Rage and Gift of God three times in the battle.
  • At 25%, Nikk will kill every player.
  • At 15% health, he will use the Slash of Shadius, and every 5% onward.
  • At 5%, Nikk summons Draconix.
  • At 1%, Nikk has a small chance of killing everyone in the battleground.
  • All the spells in Phase 1-3 are not used in Phase 4.



King Nikk yells: So, the brave legends that have come to fulfill their legacy has found a piece of that dream.

King Nikk says: I would expect nothing less to be challenged by our own Brotherhood.

Voice of End: Your time has come to see if destiny has changed your rule.

King Nikk says: So be it, come and shed your blade, champions.


This is the end of your destiny!


Nick will say the appropriate thing above.

Killing a PlayerEdit

The end is at hand...

It was a honor, to best...

Hope fears...

Death has met you...

Losing Nikk's Pain and Slash of ShadiusEdit


The wrath is not strong enough...

Killing an entire raidEdit

Endgame's wrath has finished what was left of a last stand.


Nikk casts Force of Shadius, killing everyone at once.

King Nikk says: Is it truly perseverance that drives you and your souls of unbelievable fury? Is my death your ultimate goal? I wonder, these majestic things, in the hearts of champions such as yourself.

King Nikk says: For this, I will let you finished what you might have started. To see the outcome of this battle is truly deserved for both sides of the table, does it not?

King Nikk says: The killer is nothing without the kill. Now, show me the remainder of your power, as I will mine.

King Nikk laughs.

King Nikk says: I delight in this very commendation.

King Nikk says: Now, the end is at hand!

As Nikk's HP reaches 0, his fallen angel form falls to the ground, the black and red maelstrom around him stops, and his soul flashes while the world around him turns darker with red stars.

Closing cinematic:

Nikk lies on the floor, eyes to the sky, with his helmet and glasses off. He sees visions of his past followers and friends, including his very father himself.

King Nikk: Has my legacy... ended?

Father Steve: It may seem so, at long last. But no legend lives forever, son. But... not yet. Your real legacy in life is still... unfulfilled.

King Nikk: Maybe, but I see only it ending... for me.

Nikk faints, the visions fade away, and Steve puts the Gem of Shadius on Nikk's body.

Voice of End: Without Nikk, the Scourge of Spetznaz and the remaining legends will become even greater of a threat.

Father Steve: He must always be, a fallen angel.

Steve and the Voice of End disappears.

The players look at the fainted body of Nikk. A sudden flash, followed by black and red light rise into the air. Nikk flies up in Fallen Angel form.

King Nikk: I may have lost, but my destined legacy will not.

King Nikk: I will find my righteousness in this vast world. But it will come again from the return of you champions, for certain.



In addition, if someone defeats Nikk with a piece of the set, Nikk will drop an artifact, named [Gem of Shadius] that can be only looted by the raid members holding a piece of the set.

  • Shadius' Divine Blade
  • Ankorthar, Thal-ak's Twisted Hammer (2h hammer)
  • Cudgel of Shattered Memories (1h hammer)
  • Hand of Stephen's Brotherhood (2h mace)
  • Savior of the Third War (1h mace)
  • Bloodwrath, Gifted Blade of Elvador (2h sword)
  • Deathspite (1h sword)
  • Titanfall (2h axe)
  • Goreshaper, Hand of Rokthor (1h axe)
  • Edge of the End (dagger)
  • Hand of Justice (fist weapon)
  • Key of the Godtalker (staff)
  • Ley-Line Breaker (bow)


10 Red.png 500 Gold.png 250 Silver.png 100 Copper.png

Related AchievementsEdit

  • [The Fall of King Nikk]
  • [The Fall of King Nikk (Master)]
  • [Unbreakable]
  • [Death's Wait]
  • [Finish the Pain]