The Heart of the Poison is the one and only instance in Ebolaia. It is full of poisonous creatures, and many health potions are needed for this fight.

Many risk their lives to get the incredibly rare [Ebola Blade] .

You need 60 Agility to run down the rope, or take the stairs at the end of the first room.

If you want to slay the Tentakeep Spiders, you need at least 45 Slayer .


  • Two floors
  • 60 Agility required for easier access to second floor
  • Optional staircase if under 60 Agility
  • Poisonous Monsters


The maps are simply two walkways fraught with poison and toxins. On the first floor, a player with 60 Agility-icon.png can use the rope swing on the first floor to easily traverse to the second. Be warned you will land where the resources spawn, which is where the most mobs appear.



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