Bosses, are incredibly powerful entities in A Legend's Legacy. Some of them are incredibly strong in skill, requiring many to defeat, others that can be soloed quite easily at higher levels.

The Difficulty SectionEdit

The Skulls

The difficulty skulls.

.Each of the bosses in the game have a skull beside their level. The darker the skull, the more powerful the boss is.

White Skulled BossesEdit

These enemies, or "Mini-Bosses" are classified as elite enemies. They can be in groups, and usually the boss in Level 40, 55, and 70 dungeons. They are also encountered as single bosses to fight in Godly (85+) dungeons.

As of Patch X-10, enemies that are considered bosses have this: Normal_Helmet.png

Red Skulled BossesEdit

This is your normal, standard boss. They are encountered at the end of Godly dungeons, most having an uber set. They are very powerful, having over wide arrays of attacks, and boasting 10m+ hitpoints and mana. They should be exercised with caution, as some have KO moves. Some, however, are soloable, but this costs multi-millions.

As of Patch X-10, enemies considered uber bosses have this: Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG

Black Skulled BossesEdit

This is where death is at hand. The Black Skulled bosses are incredibly hard to beat, requiring 50+ people to defeat. They have millions of HP and MP, and do KO damage with almost every attack. They are extremely hard to get to, and they have tons of Elites guarding them and on the way there. Currently, there are seven of these dangerous enemies to encounter.

As of Patch X-10: enemies considered majestic bosses have this: Majestic_Helmet.png


  • The Elite white skulled enemies have around 5x the health of a standard enemy of that class.
  • Four red skull bosses are soloable, Fujisaku No Sai , and the Three Killa Brothers.

Extra InfoEdit

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